Eastern International Plastic Packaging Corporation was founded by the Chiongbian Family headed by its patriarch, Congressman James L. Chiongbian, to further add to the growing list of businesses owned and managed by the Chiongbian Family.

When it first started, the company literally moved around Manila in search for a suitable place for its operations thus substantially limiting changes in the physical infrastructure of the company.   Not to mention, skilled personnel are so volatile to piracy by competing companies that management has no recourse but slow down its business plans.

Despite all these hindrances, operations yielded sharp upward growth.  More importantly, the company made a mark in the plastic industry with its reasonably priced quality products and excellent delivery record.

Sometime 1994, the Chiongbian Family acquired a lot with an existing Warehouse in 18 Perfecto Drive, Mañalac Industrial Estate, Bo. Bagumbayan, Bicutan, Taguig, Metro Manila.  It constructed a production plant and office for the operations of its plastic manufacturing, EASTERN INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC PACKAGING CORPORATION.    

In 1995, EASTERN INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC PACKAGING CORPORATION moved to the site and found a home.

In 1996, apart from purchasing additional brand new equipment, EASTERN INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC PACKAGING CORPORATION started operations in the new and bigger production plant building built alongside the old building renovated barely two years ago.  



At its inception, the use of plastic materials, in particular, non-household products, is just starting to gain acceptance among major manufacturers, following the operations of their mother companies elsewhere in the world.

The company envisioned itself as a major player and provider of quality and reasonably priced plastic bottles and caps primarily for the various needs of the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and oil industries.


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